solar battery

Pros and cons of solar energy

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Solar energy is proved that it is extremely beneficial. Solar energy is beneficial for both environment and the personal economy. The unavoidable fact is the sun is the most powerful source. the powerful source offers electricity power to us. producing electricity in the solar panel is a simple process. We can save the electricity offered by the sun in asolar batterythere are several benefits and demerits of the solar system. Here I list out a few things.

solar battery

Pros of solar energy

Renewable energy source

The most important thing about solar energy is it is a renewable energy source. Solar energy can be used by people all over the world. Solar energy will not be exhausted, unlike other sources. As long as we have the sun, we are able to use solar energy. According to scientists, the sun will be available to earth for a minimum of 5 billion years. So till that, we can use solar energy.

Reduces electricity bills

Electricity bills took a major part in eating our hard-earned money. By using solar energy we can decrease the number of our electricity bills. Solar energy can save your money through electricity. you can generate electricity through solar rays without using any coals which pollutes the environment and make harm to creatures.

Various applications

Solar energy can be used for various purposes. Through the solar panel, you can produce electricity or you can heat. So the solar panel variously helps us.

Maintenance cost

Solar energy system doesn’t need a much Maintenance cost. The solar energy panel only needs you to keep the panel relatively clean. So clean the panel twice a year. There are several companies ready to offer solar panel cleaning services at an affordable price. The inverter is the only part which is needed to be changed within a decade. The inverter is working continuously to change solar energy into electricity. Inverter and cables are the parts which make you spend little money.

Development of technology

Technology is like a fast-growing child. Technology develops day by day. Technology decides the world through technology is updated, few people are outdated. You have to live a modern life in a modern world.

Cons of solar energy Cost

The capital cost of the solar system is quite high, the capital cost includes the solar panel, wiring, batteries and inverter, but it is safe to assume that the price of solar panel will go down in the future.

Weather dependant

Solar energy is completely weather dependant. the climate will decide the amount of solar energy. During the rainy days or winter, the productivity of the solar system will down. Solar energy is effectively gathered by the solar panel from sunlight. During the rainy days, the solar system can’t do as much effective in summer. At night solar energy cannot be collected.

Storage is expensive 

Solar energy needs to be stored in large batteries. With the use of these batteries, we can store the energy and use it all day. So the batteries help us in winter to use solar energy. But the battery is quite expensive.