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In this world, each country has each currency to use but the overall common currency is a dollar. It is used in most of the country. Now new currency becoming popular that was called cryptocurrency. Banano is one among those that contain feeless. It is distributed free to all and it gets from meme rich and becomes a fun atmosphere. It is a meme coin that gets attracted to all kinds of people like crypto without knowing any technical things to start. Dogecoin is similar to banano meme coin that also a successful cryptocurrency. More fact about meme coin is mostly have fun things. These fun facts attract most of the people in this community. These people will not have basic knowledge about crypto, they only attract by the fun involved in it.

Buy Banano

Starting moment

In April 2018, the banano was started and it is similar to the fork of another crypto coin which was used for a long period before banano started. This banano was copied from nanotechnology and also shares the features that are used in nano. This nano is feeless to all transactions and it doesn’t require mining. These two get combined together as called BANANO. it contains fully technically cryptocurrency which a great community and also great in the future. This currency is one of the most important coins in the latest century. It was a feeless, fast and beats another coin much faster in terms of awesomeness. Some will not miss this hype, so they owned it. Some things are needed like bitcoin, well internet connection, phone or computer, some basic knowledge of English.

Some basic step to buy banano

The first step is to register with the exchange. It was a website to trade cryptocurrency with each other. In this process, we have to sell and Buy Banano for bitcoin. This exchange website will show orders and gets filled automatically if it is matched only. It is like an exchange between banano and bitcoin with very low fees. The second step is after confirmation then navigate to E-wallet on Mercato. This website will show all the coins that users deposit on the website. User must deposit things that want to trade for banano. Then click green deposit, it sends bitcoin to that address. For Bitcoin minimum deposit is 0.0001. Users must ensure to deposit more and more because transactions will not go down. There is no transaction fee for the minimum deposit that to pay and they send bitcoin. Fees are too high? User will have to buy dogecoin or litecoin on coinbase to send it to pay for low fees on deposit in Mercato. After completing six confirmation of transaction then it visible to the user account that trade to bitcoin for banano. The third step is to navigate to the trade screen. In this user can see all the coins that trade, price, and so on. It also gets a little confusing but the user can ignore all this information that time we have to buy banano. This cryptocurrency is becoming more and more nowadays in later it will become the most wanted currency all over the world.